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Before Spider-Verse I hadn’t read any Spider-Man titles in a long time. From Amazing to Superior to Ultimate, keeping up just felt like a lot of work. So I admit, I was apprehensive when I first opened Edge of Spider-Verse. Quite taken with Spider-Gwen, as I think EVERYONE else has been, and Spider-Man Noir I was definitely intrigued…even if the other 3 spiders in Edge of Spider-Verse didn’t exactly set me alight. Still, I put it down ready and excited to tackle the main event. So far, so good.

I chose to reconnect with Spidey through Spider-Verse because I hoped that it would function as a standalone story. Fortunately, I was absolutely right – if you know nothing beyond the fact that Spider-Verse catalogues the battle of a lot of Spider-men, women, children and…pigs against an extremely powerful enemy.

edge of spider verse tpb review
spider verse review tpb hardcover

Although Spider-Verse has more than a whiff of miniseries Deadpool Vs Deadpool about it, it’s a story on a much more epic scale. Of course, there are still plenty of jokes (there has to be with multiple Peter Parkers around) but in addition to the core storyline, there are all sorts of crossovers to deal with including Spider-Woman, Scarlet Spiders and Spider-Man 2099. It’s hard to imagine my experience of Spider-Verse without reading all of these, but my gut instinct is that you may find yourself a little bit lost.

I took on all 30+ Spider-Verse comics, some but not all of which are included in the trade paperback, in a single weekend. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend doing the same(!), but you may find yourself barrelling through Spider-Verse very rapidly. You might think that’s a disadvantage, but I loved it. Racing through so many comics in a short space of time made me feel like a kid again, and the experience makes me glad I waited until the run had finished before picking it up.

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In comic form, a common criticism was that the conclusion in Amazing Spider-Man #14, the ending proper of Spider-Verse, felt a little rushed. The epilogue, Amazing Spider-Man #15, actually brings out some of the character development and resolution readers were hoping for and wraps (sorry, spider pun) everything up nicely. Still, the ending won’t be to everyone’s taste – it seems like Marvel is hedging their bets before Secret Wars, not wanting to do anything too wild with much of that sort of thing to come.

With Silk and Spider-Gwen among the titles spinning out (and there’s another spider-pun) out of Spider-Verse, and others perhaps still to come, it’s an exciting time to be a Spidey fan. For those of us who’ve been away for a while, Spider-Verse is a great way to catch up on what we’ve missed and recapture the excitement of flipping open the latest Spider-Man comic!

Edge of Spider-Verse Review: 7/10

(#1 and #2 are definite highlights, but I’m not sure the other 3 spiders justified having that much space for their stories)

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Spider-Verse Review: 8.5/10

Collects: Amazing Spider-Man #7-15, Superior Spider-Man #32-33, Free Comic Book Day 2014 (Guardians of the Galaxy) #1 (5 Page Spider-Man Story), Spider-Verse #1, Spider-Verse Team-Up #1-3 & more

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