Ever since its debut in 2007 Sheldon, shirts and all, has overwhelmingly proven to be one of the most popular aspects of The Big Bang Theory. T-shirts have long been away for comic book fans to express their affinity for particular superheroes.

With so-called ‘Sheldon shirts‘ proving almost as beloved as the eccentric scientist himself, this has been stepped up a gear. In recent years the popularity of superhero t-shirts, Big Bang Theory undoubtedly playing a part, has just kept growing and growing!

sheldon shirts big bang theory t-shirts

Of course, there is a dark side to superhero shirts going mainstream – to ardent DC and Marvel fans, the thought of someone yelling Bazinga and yelling ‘cool Big Bang Theory t-shirt!’ when they’re wearing a Green Lantern or The Flash shirt (and yes, that really does happen…) is probably pretty horrifying.

But look at it another way – in some cases Sheldon’s shirts serve as an introduction to lesser known superheroes. Once upon a time I would have used the appearance of a Green Arrow shirt in The Big Bang Theory as an example here, but ever since the debut of Arrow I’m seeing more and more Green Arrow t-shirts!

From superhero t-shirts to quirky science related shirts, Sheldon’s wardrobe is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the show. It’s a big job but I thought I’d throw together a collection of as many Big Bang Theory T Shirts, and where to buy them in the US and UK, as I could find! I’ve got my work cut out for me…

I’ll be adding new Big Bang Theory t-shirts to this page as I find them – so this will definitely be an ongoing project.

Sheldon’s Flash t-shirts

That’s right. Sheldon wears so many t-shirts featuring The Flash that they’re actually getting their own section. Safe to say that Sheldon’s favourite superhero is almost certainly The Flash.

Sheldon DC Flashy shirt pilot

First episode, first Sheldon shirt!

Not just your standard superhero logo t-shirt, Sheldon opts for a character decal (the first of many!) in the pilot episode.

Sheldon’s Flash shirt also makes an appearance in Season 2 Episode 3.

Get this Junk Food Flash t-shirt here:

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Sheldon Flash superhero shirt red fuzzy boots corollaryA great retro style t-shirt featuring The Flash’s iconic lightning bolt logo plus a character profile.

Sheldon has clearly worn this Flash shirt more than a few times – just look at how faded the print is compared to the new versions of the shirt linked to below!

This shirt appears in The Fuzzy Boots Corollary (S1E3), S2E13, S2E23, S4E2, S4E14.

Buy The Flash ‘Running Lightning Bolt’ shirt here:

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big bang theory t-shirts flash logo jersey sheldon

Ah, Sheldon’s Flash jersey shirt. One of the most admired Big Bang Theory t-shirts around (according to Google anyway!), and not the easiest one to find.

But don’t worry, I’ve got some links for you!

First appears in The Dead Hooker Juxtaposition (S2E19), but also appears in a number of other episodes.

Buy Sheldon’s Flash jersey shirt, or an equivalent without jersey markings in the UK, here:

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Sheldon Flash shirt workplace proximity

Sometimes Sheldon takes a break from character and jersey variants to rock a plain old distressed Flash logo variant.

You may not know that Sheldon has a Mean Girls-esque system for wearing superhero shirts. So, if you do pick up one Sheldon’s Flash shirt, you’ve got to make sure you wear it on Fridays!

Grab a distressed Flash logo shirt here:

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Sheldon’s superhero shirts

sheldon green lantern shirt dumpling paradox

Off topic, but I’m pretty sure Sheldon is wearing A long sleeve tee, a polo shirt and a Green Lantern logo t-shirt. He must get HOT wearing three layers in California…!

Sheldon dons his Green Lantern t-shirt in The Dumpling Paradox (S1E7), as well as another episode in season 1 (episode 13), several in season 2 (episodes 2, 12 and 23) and a couple in season 4 (episodes 2 and 16).

Buy Big Bang Theory distressed Green Lantern logo shirt here:

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Sheldon Shazam superhero shirt maternal capacitance

Ooh boy, be careful not to call this one a Flash shirt down at the comic book store…This is, of course, the logo of Captain Marvel. Shazam!

Seems like Captain Marvel probably isn’t one of Sheldon Cooper’s favourite superhero, since he only wears this shirt a couple of times.

Appears in The Maternal Capacitance (S1E15) and S2E10.

Buy your Shazam (Captain Marvel) t-shirt here:

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big bang theory blue superman shirt Panty Piñata Polarization

While there is such a character as Superman Blue, his logo doesn’t look like this.

So I’m guessing this is just a straight up variant of the standard red, yellow and blue Superman that you see EVERYBODY wearing.

Seems like this Sheldon shirt must only be for special occasions since it only appears once, in The Panty Piñata Polarization (S2E7)

Buy this blue Superman tee here:

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greatest american hero shirt sheldon griffin equivalency

Here Sheldon is seen wearing a Greatest American Hero logo t-shirt. The show was cancelled in 1983, but he’s not shy about showing the love for the show anyway!

I’m not sure that the bumbling, comic nature of the show would have gone down well with his strait-laced world view – the first time Sheldon says Bazinga doesn’t even take place until the finale of the second season!

Sheldon wears this shirt in The Griffin Equivalency (S2E4), S2E17 and S3E5

Buy Sheldon’s Greatest American Hero t-shirt here:

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sheldons orange aquaman shirtAquaman gets kind of a bad rap on The Big Bang Theory – Raj protests that Aquaman ‘sucks fish pee’ when the guys try to convince him to go to a Halloween costume dressed as him.

Sheldon argues that Aquaman uses his telepathic powers to request that the fish do their business elsewhere, but it’s clear from the amount of times Sheldon wears this Aquaman t-shirt that he thinks a little more of The Aquatic Ace than that!

If you agree, you can get Sheldon’s Aquaman tee from:

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sheldon green arrow shirt herb garden germination

Once upon a time, before the popularity of Arrow, Green Arrow was a cult favourite. And why not? An eccentric billionaire with a quiver full of gadget arrows, a Van Dyke beard and more quips than you can shake a stick at, he’s like a mix of Iron Man and Batman.

Here’s Sheldon showing Green Arrow a little love. Appears in S4E5, The Herb Garden Germination (S4E20) and S5E20.

Buy your Green Arrow Brave and Bold t-shirt here:

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Sheldon Shirts Batman symbols expedition approximation

A really nice take on the many logos of Batman we’ve seen throughout the years, from the Adam West Batman symbol to Batman Beyond.

Good for those days when you just can’t decide which Bat you want to channel!

Sheldon wears this shirt in The Expedition Approximation (S8E6)

Batman symbol and logo variations available here:

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Other signature Sheldon shirts

Sheldon Robot big bang theory t-shirts

The first, but certainly not the last, appearance of Sheldon’s robot t-shirt. Since season one, Sheldon’s Ames Bros robot shirt has appeared again and again in a range of different colours. It’s practically his signature shirt!

However, The Nerdvana Annihilation (S1E14) is a special episode because it marks the first appearance of Sheldon’s robot shirt! I’m going to go ahead and skip the rest of the episodes of The Big Bang Theory this shirt has appeared in to save my fingers…

Buy Sheldon’s robot t-shirt here:

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sheldon shirt reddit big bang theoryIt appears that Sheldon is a fan of Reddit, the so-called called ‘front page of the internet’. This shirt featuring the Reddit alien, Snoo, has long since sold out – Reddit creates limited runs of merch and redesign when those have gone.

You can purchase a similar Reddit shirt to Sheldon’s below.

I recommend doing that rather than buying a knockoff from a site where users submit their own designs; the decals on these shirts are often pretty poor quality!

Pick up your own Snoo t-shirt at the Reddit Store.

 Sheldon’s 73 shirt

sheldon 73 shirt big bang theory

Curious about Sheldon’s 73 shirt? Here’s the back story! In The Alien Parasite Hypothesis (season 4, episode 10), Sheldon explains why the best number is 73:

“73 is the 21st prime number, its mirror 37 is the 12th, its mirror 21 is the product of multiplying, hang on to your hats, 7 and 3.”

“Ok, so we get it. 73 is the Chuck Norris of numbers,” Leonard replies.

“Chuck Norris wishes! In binary, 73 is a palindrome: 1-0-0-1-0-0-1, which backwards is 1-0-0-1-0-0-1. All Chuck Norris backwards gets you is sirron kcuhc.”

So there you have it – the 73 on Sheldon’s shirt is more than just a random number. It also looks a little like the Fantastic 4 logo, which is cool.

Pops up first in The Convention Conundrum (S4E14), but has appeared in quite a few episodes since then!

You can buy Sheldon’s 73 shirt here:

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Can’t see your favourite Big Bang Theory t-shirt? Sorry! I’m adding ’em as fast as I can! In the meantime, check out the next page for an infographic of every superhero t-shirt Sheldon has worn from the very first episode right through all the way to season 6. But, be warned, it’s a long one! Enjoy…