Night of the Living Deadpool Review

Night of the Living Deadpool TPB reviewBy far the best thing Night of the Living Deadpool does is mock, play with and subvert (rather than just sticking to them, as so many zombie stories do) some of the conventions of the zombie genre. One of the most interesting? Rather than the standard calls of ‘braiiiins’ we’ve come to expect from zombies, Night of the Living Deadpool’s are aware of their undeadness. This could be taken a little farther than the book does, but it does serve to question of the morality of hacking and slashing through hordes of the post-living…

There are some nice visual touches, notably making everything except for Deadpool black and white. As well as being a nod to classic zombie movies like Night of the Living Dead, this also recalls The Walking Dead comics and a hint of Sin City. Never a bad thing!

The storyline, despite its brevity, feels a little meandering. That may be no accident; wandering from place to place looking for some semblance of safety or sanity is par for the course for post-apocalyptia, but at times it feels like author Cullen Bunn is just trying to figure out what to do next.

Where Night of the Living Deadpool really shines is in its use of its titular hero. Deadpool is his same old ‘merc with a mouth’ self, and that combined with references to movies like Dawn (and Shaun) of the Dead and Zombieland is enough to make the read an enjoyable one.

Throw in the possibility of a new answer to the previously unanswerable question ‘what happens after a zombie apocalypse?’, and Night of the Living Deadpool is definitely a worthwhile read for fans of zombie movies and/or Deadpool himself.

Review: 7/10

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