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There’s no shortage of places to read graphic novel reviews out there. I know this as well as anyone else does. But there are two problems with the majority of comic book reviews out there right now:

1) So-called graphic novel reviews are often just the individual comic reviews on one page.

That leads to a couple of problems. Individual comic reviews aren’t always written by the same person, so the tone and approach can be vastly different. As a result, the graphic novel review is incoherent. Also, comic book reviews in this format often deal more with what happened week to week rather than with the overall story arc. Not good.

2) A lack of continuity.

Every person is different. You may be prompted to buy a comic book on, say, Amazon because of a favourable review only to find that you hate the book. Or, just as bad, you love a trade paperback and figure ‘hey, this anonymous internet commentator and I are two peas in a pod’ only to find out that they’ve never written another comic book review.

I aim to get around that by collecting tens, maybe one day even hundreds, of comic book reviews that are written by one person in a single place. If you enjoy a couple of the books I’ve spoken highly of, there’s a good chance you’ll agree with other graphic novel reviews I’ve written. That’s the theory, at least!

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Full disclosure: You may not be able to find a comic book review of the title you’re looking for. As much as I would love for it to be so, this is not my day job; I write comic book reviews as a side project.

Some boring legal small print:

I buy all the trade paperbacks I review with my own money, though I’m willing to consider any promotional copies for review that anyone wants to sling my way – you can get in touch via Twitter if this applies to you. It will clearly be indicated in the review if a promotional copy has been provided.

I don’t get paid for doing this. I use affiliate links to cover the costs of running and maintaining the site, as well as for purchasing more comic books to review.

All the comic book reviews on this site are completely impartial!