For a long time, it was extremely difficult to get a hold of cheap graphic novels. You’d sometimes be lucky at garage sales and in second hand bookshops, but as general rule comic books didn’t come cheap. Graphic novel buying has been revolutionised by the internet, and it’s now easier than ever to buy graphic novels online for a reasonable price.

Still, when it comes to buying cheap graphic novels, there are now almost too many choices! There are countless places to buy graphic novels online and, unless you’re willing to spend your time trawling through a ton of different online stores, finding the best place to buy isn’t always easy.

An avid comic book buyer myself, I find myself returning to the same handful of places when looking to buy cheap graphic novels online. That’s not to say there aren’t other great retailers out there, but these are a few of my favourites.

The 5 best places to buy cheap graphic novels online


buy graphic novels online amazon

Despite the fact that Amazon sells a LOT of stuff, 200+ million items on their US store and 130+ million on their UK store if you’re curious, a lot of people still have the misconception that they’re not so hot when it comes to specialised products like comic books. Luckily for us, this couldn’t be further from the truth – Amazon is actually very well stocked when it comes to graphic novels and, because competitive pricing is such a big deal to them, they offer some real bargains too.

To check out what they have on offer, click here to buy comics online (if you’re in the US) or here for their online comic book store UK range.


cheap graphic novels ebay

If you’re not bothered about your comic books being all shiny and new, eBay is a great place to pick up cheap graphic novels. They may not have that new comic book smell (definitely a thing), but when they’re between a third and a half of the RRP, I can get past that.

Check out the huge selection ofhere.

Forbidden Planet

buy cheap graphic novels uk forbidden planet

Only relevant for UK readers, this one. So if you’re visiting from elsewhere, you might like to skip this entry. Talking about Forbidden Planet can get a little confusing, because there are actually two Forbidden Planets operating in the UK. After an amicable split, the original founders of Forbidden Planet divvied up their high street stores and went their separate ways. One remained Forbidden Planet, and the others became part of ‘Forbidden Planet International’ (slightly odd choice, as they have just one non-UK store in New York) was born.

This is not a knock on Forbidden Planet International, but I tend to stick with Forbidden Planet. Why? I find their website a little easier to navigate and, the few times I’ve tried to order something from FPI, it’s been out of stock. So, of the Forbidden Planets, I recommend this one:

Graphic Novels @ Forbidden Planet


instocktrades cheap graphic novels

Highly praised for packaging graphic novels very well (better than Amazon, for example), InStockTrades is also an attractive choice because it offers a wide range of trade paperbacks at up to 50% off. How they’re able to do this? I’m guessing magic. Seriously though, best not to question these things and just take advantage of the cheap graphic novels! Free shipping on orders over $50 in the US, but unfortunately international shipping is at cost.

See InStockTrades’s range here.

Midtown Comics

midtown comics buy graphic novels

Ok, now it’s time for folks in the UK to skip an entry, because this one is primarily for American readers. Enormous range of stock, frequent sales and discounts, lots of variants (including Midtown exclusives) and a website you could literally lose days of your life cruising around. Midtown is not just a place to find cheap graphic novels, it’s a real contender for the best online comic book shop active today.

Visit Midtown Comics


So there you have it. No more digging around the bargain bins or sifting through yard sales to find cheap graphic novels; now you can buy them online without even having to leave the house.