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Captain America Fallen Son Exploring the aftermath of The Death of Captain America, Fallen Son has to be commended for taking an interesting approach. With five chapters themed around the five stages of grief, Captain America Fallen Son explores the impact Cap’s death has on some of the other Marvel heroes.

With a different theme for each of the five comics and a different artist for each, Fallen Son can feel a little disjointed. Not necessarily a bad thing, as it really does reflect the grieving process. The graphic novel is fairly subtle in that isn’t overly saturated with references to Captain America’s death, so it doesn’t come across as too saccharine.
Still, I’d wager that most readers of Captain America: Fallen Son will have a favourite chapter and, probably, a not-so-favourite chapter. Personally I wasn’t a fan of chapter 2, which deals with The Mighty Avengers and The New Avengers fighting Tiger Shark and…playing cards (yes, really) respectively.

On the other end of the scale is Captain America’s funeral. With a genuinely emotional speech from Falcon and a breathtaking double spread of Captain America bursting into a Nazi concentration camp, pictured below, chapter 5 (Iron Man) is definitely the highlight for me.

Death of Captain America Fallen Son concentration camp

We also see Iron Man attempting to groom the newly revived Hawkeye for the role of Captain America, after the death of Steve Rogers. In this respect, there’s a lot of value in Fallen Son; The Death of Captain America details Bucky’s grapples with taking on the mantle of Captain America. It’s much more satisfying to know that Bucky, albeit sometimes reluctantly, comes to this decision on his own. It feels more like what Steve would have wanted, if it doesn’t sound too crazy to say so.

Captain America Fallen Son is, there’s no doubt, an optional addition to The Death of Captain America arc. However, if you’re interested in the psychology behind your favourite characters, it’s one you’ll thoroughly enjoy. Fast-paced, but a deceptively deep read, it’s a nice memento that you’ll want to come back to.

Review: 8/10

Collects: Captain America Fallen Son 1-5


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