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All the best graphic novels, comic book reviews and superhero stuff around!

Want to buy comics online but don’t know where to find the best graphic novels to get your teeth into? Hey, I hear ya. There are so many different comic book companies, universes, spinoffs, one shots and team-ups that I get out of breath just listing them! It can be really tough to know where to find great comic books for your collection, and which are ok to skip!

As comic book websites go, this one is kind of a new one. But I won’t just be writing about the top picks of 2014 and 2015. No no, that’s not nearly ambitious enough! Ultimately, I hope to create something that showcases what I believe to the best graphic novels of all time!

I’ve been telling my friends where to buy cheap graphic novels and comic books online, which is the best trade paperback for them to start with and so on for years now. So, I thought it made sense for me to put some of that knowledge online for people who are trying to find new comic books to read! If nothing else, maybe it’ll prove to my mom that all my Marvel and DC knowledge isn’t as useless as she claims…

What you’ll find on Best Graphic Novels

I post all kinds of nerdy stuff here that you’re gonna love, including:

  • Reviews and previews of both underrated and best selling graphic novels
  • Superhero movie stuff, like news about Captain America 3: Civil War and Avengers 2: Age of Ultron
  • Geek fashion, like ‘Sheldon shirts‘ (you know, those superhero t-shirts Dr C wears on The Big Bang Theory!)
  • Marvel and DC comics, from Avengers to Zatana and everyone in between
  • The top comic books for the most popular superheroes like Superman, Batman and Green Lantern.

Don’t worry about starting in any particular order – just click around and dive in or use the search bar to find what you’re looking for! There’s no pattern to reviews, other than what I happen to be reading at the time. With that, I present to you some of the best graphic novels in the world. And, no doubt, some of the worst too…